Book Review… Fantasy Bar & Grill Trilogy

Fantasy Bar & Grill by Michelle Hughes

This series was a treat. I enjoyed reading all three books. Ms. Hughes gives her readers a little bit of everything in this series. Zoey, the sexually inexperienced but very business capable young woman who gets tossed into a new job, via her BFF with four smoldering hunks.

Ms. Hughes writes these characters well and if you had read any of her books know she loves the virginal heroines and high emotional conflict. One thing she does very well as Zoey, gets tossed onto a tropical island with her four bosses and her “second” sexual experience.

I have to say if you ever wondered about a menage of three or more, Ms. Hughes has written these erotic scenes with the focal point being the woman. She tosses in everything thing from BDSM, spankings to toy play. Very sexy, very involved and I enjoyed the books immensely.

Five stars for entertainment value. This trilogy was a great way to burn a few hours under the guise of “working” while playing.