WRENCHED excerpt from Celeste

The double doors to my suite loomed in front of me and I pushed them open as a crushing pain skewered my body rendering me of all hope. Home. Hell. And I collapsed on the bed and closed my eyes, lifting the neck of my shirt to my nose to smell Istvan’s cologne which clung to the fabric. A deep ache for him washed over me like a tsunami. Memories, all I had left were memories, wild, erotic, passionate memories and I knew it wasn’t enough. Tears leaked from my eyes and the sobs wracked my body and I gave up, not knowing how I could free myself from this prison again.

   “Stop, stay right there,” I commanded and he halted kneeling between my ankles toward the end of the bed. I loved admiring his body. It was perfect, wide shoulders that narrowed to his waist, the soft dark hair that covered his chest and sculpted abs that trailed down to his beautiful, wide, long cock. Lust flowed through me as I leaned on the headboard, naked as he, devouring the sight before me. He was pure male, surprising me with his inner dominance and I ached for him inside me, stretching me and filling me to my core. He grinned at me, clearly my thoughts and needs were being expressed on my face.
   “What do you want Celeste?” His voice was low and sultry, caressing me. I was so bold with him. Uninhibited. The word ‘no’ had yet to be spoken between us, as he wrenched me with him from one intense sexual moment to another and here I was greedy for more.
   “Stroke yourself for me. I want to see you come.” The words thrilled me as I spoke them knowing he would comply. My request turned him on as his cock started to rise and get harder as he held my eyes with his then he settled back and gripped himself.
   “Like this?” He asked already knowing what my answer would be as his dark brown eyes filled with desire.
   “Yes.” I swallowed hard and broke eye contact to watch him. He stroked himself for me, long and slow from base to tip and I was riveted by the seductive image of him. I’d never watched man touch himself, stoke himself, orgasm. He cupped himself with his hand letting his touch slide up his shaft and thumbed the head of his cock glistening with liquid. I wanted to taste him, have his juices on my tongue and a small chuckle from him broke my intense thoughts.He moved his hips into his fisted grip and a small moan came from him as he increased the pace. I tried to take everything about him, the sounds of his breath catching as he brought his need higher, the flexing of his muscles and throb of his cock in his hand as he gripped himself tighter then he locked his eyes on me. A laser of hunger washed through me adding to the drenching ache between my thighs. He groaned softly and his body tensed and the walls of my sex ached wanting to receive what he was about to give.

   “Celeste,” he said my name and my eyes went to his. I moaned out loud at the unadulterated craving in his gaze and his free hand cupped the back of my leg as he pulled me toward him. My ass now rested against his knees and as my thighs fell open before him. He hadn’t quit pumping his hand over his thick shaft as he leaned over me, fisting his other hand in my hair and I felt the heat of him touch my outer lips, “I’m going to come on you.” He whispered and caught my mouth possessively as I moaned against him as he pressed the tip of himself into my pink flesh, rubbing my hard nub. I melted at the sensation of our sex touching and his commanding words. His finger and thumb opened me wider as he knelt up, using the friction of my clit to bring himself to orgasm.

   “Look at me,” he demanded as I opened my eyes.
I ached, I wanted him, buried inside me. I wanted to come as I saw his body tense as he groaned and closed his eyes briefly as his hot juice pulsed out onto my slick pink flesh and he slid to my entrance and watched himself spurt and fill me. My breathing was ragged and the feel of him coming on me made me groan in pleasure. His mouth found mine again, his tongue diving in and mine followed his as he sucked and licked my lips then his hot kisses trailed down my neck.
“   Your turn baby,” his words scorched my skin. “Touch yourself and come for me.” My hands were buried in his thick wavy hair and trailed down his arms as a wave of anticipation and excitement rolled over me.
   I dropped my hands to my breasts as he watched me roll my hard nipples between my fingers and cup my breasts. “Pinch them hard Celeste.” Oh fuck, he was going to make me come with just the sound of his voice and as I pinched my nipples tight and moaned. “Pull them,” and I obeyed completely turned on by the look in his eyes as he devoured me with his gaze. “Again,” he demanded and I arched my back and moved my hips forward to feel him hard again hovering over me. I’m not sure if the sound I made was a begging whine or groan of lust I just wanted release and let him play me as I pulled him into my essence with every caress and touch of myself.
   His hands stroked my sides, the curve of my waist and cupped my ass, squeezing and rotating my hips upward so I was spread out out before him and he moaned at the sight of me, then slicked himself in our juices and rubbed my seam with his swollen head. I gasped when he pressed against my tight rose hole and rocked his rigid heat between my ass cheeks. “Touch yourself Celeste,” he commanded and a frenzied need for release burst through me as I closed my eyes fingered myself for him. Our sounds and moans blended and every time the head of his cock rubbed my tight hole I pressed to it and I heard his voice tug at me. “Bury me where you want, when you come,” and I quit rocking my hips when the tip of him notched my ass. Oh god, I was shaking with need and he invaded me with the bulb of his cock, jammed two fingers to my core and I fucked him, plunging him into my ass as I thumped against his touch at my core. I couldn’t get him deep enough inside me. Everything exploded within me, as I was surrounded with the high of my electric orgasm, filled both ways as I pulled on my clit hard, crashing and reeling, surrendering to my body and need, only topped by feeling him hard inside me pulsing his orgasm after mine as I trembled and screamed in passion…

   My heart was racing, my pulse beat within me as I shuddered from my climax. It was dream, a replay of us together and my physical reaction was the same as the first time as I shamelessly surrendered to him. I swear I could smell the scent of his sex, the taste of his kiss. I craved Istvan. The loss of him overwhelmed me, he strummed my body, gave me pleasure, made me ache with wantonness, beg for release and his kiss spread the deepest passion to my soul, while his body shared all his decadent lust and rapacious needs. And I loved it, his kiss and touch, they way his voice talked to me before, during and after our couplings. The reality hit I was alone, more lost than ever with a huge gaping hole inside me. A scream filled my mind and ears as I purged the pain of my soul in the darkness of my hell.

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