World’s Worst Indie Author Blog(ger)

No lie, it’s not that I don’t love writing. I do. Blogging escapes me. Really, do you want to read every thought out of my head? No, you don’t trust me. It’s scary in there, dark…full of people ranting and raving waiting for their story to be told.

However I will try on occasion to titillate you with something fancy in the glorious vein of authorness-authorites-divadom.

I can’t promise this blog will be fabulous, even though I am Ab-Fab. But I will post snippets of stories for you preview, hot sexy men and women and try to get over the fact I completely suck at anything technical concerning webpages, blogs and design. There’s people for that. I pay them. (Buy my books so I can buy better minions).

Yes that is a shameless plug.

Surprised? Don’t be. There will be more for myself and authors I love to read because truly, what is a friend if they don’t share their books with you? Dump them, you need new friends. Trust me on this one.

Until tomorrow then…or next week.



P.S. One sexy hottie was added to this post


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